Upload a track

How to submit your track

You’ve made a new track and think it reaches minimum requirements ?
You have to prepare your files (see below to know how) and fill the upload form.
Once you have send your track, a new page is created. You will be able to access it but it will have to be approved before other users can see it.

Once you track is approved, you may ask for a review and receive comments and user rates !

In case it is not approved, you will receive a message telling you the reason, so it’s at least constructive and you will not be left in the dark ! :-)

Files ready for upload

If you’re used to create files for RVZ, images must be outside the track file !
Here’s what you need when you want to upload a track on the website:

  • The track file
  • The images for the website !

Track file

The track file should be a compressed archive *.zip or *.rar.
It’s meant to be extracted in the main Re-Volt folder, the file hierarchy should be like this :

  • [track file].zip/.rar
    • gfx
      • [gfx image]
    • levels
      • [track folder]
        • [track file].w
        • [track file].ncp

Example :


You may send 4 images along with the track file.

I advise you to take large screenshots (1600*1200 px ,1920*1200 px…). The larger the images, the better you show your creation.

I also invite you to compress images, thus will allow :
- to your track page to load faster
- you’ll be able to send a larger track file

A great filesize is between 100 and 200Ko for larger images.
If you do not know how to compress an image, have a look at the image compression tutorial !

Using the upload form

Here’s an example of a properly filled upload form :

The form is divided into 6 parts :

  1. The track file
  2. The showcase images
  3. The track infos
  4. Summary
  5. The description
  6. Upload

Parts 1 and 2 (file and images) are meant to select files as follows :

You must choose at least :

  1. The track file in a *.zip or *.rar archive, 8Mo max (1)
  2. The main image (image n°1) that will be used on your track page

You may send up to 4 images of 1Mo each (1)

(1) : The total form size : track file + images must not exceed 8Mo (current server limit). For example, if your track file weighs 7.5 Mo, you have 500Ko left for images.
If you want to send a larger file, let me know and I’ll add it manually. 

Track infos

You must enter a title and choose a proper track type :

  • Lego : track created using the game’s track editor
  • Lego Extreme : created with the game’s track editor then heavily modified using “MAKEITGOOD” edit mode.
  • Extreme : track created from instances or within a 3D software (Blender, 3ds max…) and completed using “MAKEITGOOD” edit mode
  • Other : Battle Tag, something that can’t be classified… well, if you don’t know.

Except from the “Other” track type, you must enter the track length !

Track description

If you want to support your track with a small description, it’s even better ! Hint : keep it simple :mrgreen:
You may write it in english and french, or ask for a french translation.


The form summary and upload progress bar turns green when the upload is ready.

Special case : processing error

An error may show up after the upload :

In this case follow the instructions. If you ever get an error message asking you to contact an admin, use messages or the contact page.