Rating reference

Why is it better not to rate anyhow ?

Keep in mind that giving 20/20 just “because it’s cool”, and conversely 0/20 “because I don’t like” end up giving a uninteresting ranking. If you don’t know how to, here are the rating tips.

The following list can be improved, please feel free to suggest other ideas below. Of course, there is no obligation to follow these guidelines ! You may give the rate you want :wink:

How is track ranking made on this website ?

- let’s start by defining the specifications of the track (which are not taken into account for the rating)

  • Specifications
    • Raceline
      • easy
      • neutral
      • hard
    • Theme
      • realistic / cartoon
      • inspired by a game, a movie… by Re-Volt ?

- then we define ranking according to these characteristics

  • (Ø/7) Gameplay
    • (Ø/2) Accessibility and ergonomy
      • (Ø/1) Playable from Phat Slug to Toyeca
      • (Ø/1) Repositioning & start grid
        • "Skyscrapers" by QT "The Mines of Alderon" by Skitch2 "Glacier Gliffs 3" by Yamada
    • (Ø/3) Raceline flow
      • (Ø/2) Path easy to follow
      • (Ø/1) Readable ground
    • (Ø/2) Misc
      • (Ø/1) Pickups placement
  • (Ø/7) Graphics
    • (Ø/2) Modeling
      • "Quake" by Gabor Varga
    • (Ø/2) UVs & Textures (?)
    • (Ø/2) Lighting
    • (Ø/1) Misc
  • (Ø/6) Execution
    • (Ø/2) AI (tests using pro class)
    • (Ø/3) Misc
  • (Ø) Overall feeling

Final score : Ø/20 ~ Ø : Javascript problem !

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