Rating tips

Why a post about ranking ?

Giving 20/20 only “because it’s cool”, and conversely 0/20 only “because I don’t like it” generally end up giving a uninteresting ranking. Because of this, here are a few tips :

First, don’t give an opinion just after download, that’s better to leave a first impression comment !

First impression : this is awesome !!! :-D

that will always give pleasure to the author. On the contrary a :

First impression : I don’t like at all :-x

that proves there are a few things to improve for the next time.
This is how we learn.

After 2 or 3 days, with a little more perspective, it is easier to relativize compared to other creations and thus give a fair rating.
This is the right time to help the author understand what works and what doesn’t, for example :

2 days later : this time for sure : this is awesome !!! :-D

The raceline is really great, the AI follows quite well. Too bad the graphics aren’t better. I removed a small point because of that, but it’s still a success !

or even :

2 days later : nothing changed, I still don”t like it :-x

I’m constantly hitting walls, it’s unplayable. Fortunately, the graphics are not too bad, so I give it 1…

If you don’t know how to give constructive feedback, or if you don’t know what rate it deserve, have a look at the rating reference. Then just follow the form to have the grade ! You may give the custom code of your rating so that the author can see what he can improve.

Of course, giving a grade “just because it’s cool” or “because I don’t like” is also accepted ! There are always exceptions. :wink:

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