Re-Volt shader for 3ds max – preview

Wow ! Some news here ?

It’s been a long time, but I found myself interested in some dev sometimes. So I opened up the demo track I started and thought I’d finish it. But rather than that, I found that the 3ds max viewport was not representative of the game enough so I started to write a custom shader for it.

Here’s the 3ds max viewport on the left, and a game screenshot on the right:

Starting to get somewhere ! It already supports vertex color, vertex alpha, additive blending. The 2 things missing are the fog effect and the specular effect. Maybe on a next update  :mrgreen:

CTR-SnowBreeze wip

Here are a few screens of a track I definitely want to finish.

This track is going to be very long, and there’s a lot of possible racelines ! So here comes the point of this post:

:arrow: Would you be interested in making a raceline for the track ?


just answer here or on the Re-Volt Live forum (link to the post), and I’ll send you the track AS IT IS, all you’ll have to do is add AI nodes and track zones…

I may also throw in some instances if you want to populate the terrain in your own way (trees, signs, etc…) :mrgreen:

Also, if you can record ingame videos, I may ask you to try to follow the actual raceline and record your race. This is only to test and see if the raceline is clear enough as it is.

So here comes the screens !

Note that all of this is Work In Progress only ! :wink:

UVs Animator

UVs Animator is a small tool for 3ds max. It can create and mix simple UVs animations that would be hard to make by hand.

There’s actually 4 modes available :

  • spritesheet
  • rotation
  • panning & pan repeater
  • flowing

Each mode have its own set of parameters, plus some common parameters. Here’s a short video to show some basic stuff : UVs Animator demo video
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