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UVs Animator

UVs Animator is a small tool for 3ds max. It can create and mix simple UVs animations that would be hard to make by hand.

There’s actually 4 modes available :

  • spritesheet
  • rotation
  • panning & pan repeater
  • flowing

Each mode have its own set of parameters, plus some common parameters. Here’s a short video to show some basic stuff : UVs Animator demo video
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New year surprise !

Happy new year 2017 !

This is a new year, with hopefully some new great things !

As I still love a game named Re-Volt, I still try to make cool things for it.
I have some new features coming for the Re-Volt Exporter, and a new track that I really want to finish !

So here’s a preview, and happy new year everyone !

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