Rayman vs DOSBox !

Hi everyone !

As the release of Rayman Origins approaches, there’s nostalgia nearby for all those who played one of the first Rayman games.

Unfortunately, making such an old game run on a recent OS like Win XP or Windows 7 is quite a challenge.

But here comes DOSBox !

The great software with magic auto-working-buttons is almost invented. It’s really simple when you know where to seek, but who never said that “it’s too long” ? : wink:

So, just to revive some old souvenirs, here’s a little tutorial that will allow you to make one of these old games work as you remember it on your brand new machine, along with a few tips for DOSBox !


  1. Introduction
  2. Getting started
  3. Game setup
  4. Create a custom configuration file for the game
  5. General settings for DOSBox
  6. Create a custom shortcut
  7. When the game settings had to be changed under DOS (using another executable)
  8. Adjust game speed with DOSBox
  9. Two bonus tips !
  10. ( Commentaires ! )
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  1. Nice blog, keep it going!


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