Rayman vs DOSBox !

Two bonus tips !

The game music was sometime red from the cdrom, as is the case of Rayman by his Fans.
Sometimes you may hear the sound but not the music, to fix this try replacing the following command line in the dosbox.conf configuration file :




(on windows). The -ioctl seems to be an option with automatic settings, so by specifying things a little bit more, it should be better :-)

Sound options
CDRom options

The music should now be played !! But now there may be another problem : when the music is loaded from the cdrom, it is buffered somewhere so there’s no more need to access to the cdrom for a while. Within this time, the cd may stop spinning so when the game needs to load the next part of the song to the buffer, it have to wait for the cdrom to restart before it can read anything and the game freezes.

And this turn into an infernal loop : drive starts again, music is buffered, drive stops, drive starts again…

The best way to fix this issue is to create an image of the CDRom onto the hard drive, and load that image in DOSBox. To achieve this, use the IMGMOUNT command as follows :

IMGMOUNT E "C:\RAYFAN.cue" -t iso -fs iso

Then you only have to access this virtual drive like a real one :

MOUNT D E:\ -t cdrom -usecd 0 -ioctl_dx

For more information on the IMGMOUNT command, see the page imgmount on the DOSBox wiki.

Happy souvenirs !

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  1. Nice blog, keep it going!


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