Welcome to NawaKiwi v5.0 !

It’s been a looong time, as every update. Why ? What’s up ?

Well, you may have noticed that the website was closed lately. There have been several versions of the website, and this is the 5th one. If you want to know why it can take time, just have a look :

Everything have been reset back to zero, so I apologize if you registered on an old version and posted something…

No more forum, but comments instead. Well, a forum is still possible to add, but let’s try it that way for now :-) . The great thing is that it’s now totally translated, so you have the choice to check posts and comments in different languages (2 for now).

As every new version, there may be bugs, there may be something you don’t understand, etc etc… Don’t leave so soon, just leave your bad thoughts on this page, which is the place you can throw any idea in, report bugs, and so on !
Note that if it’s the first time you leave a comment, it will have to be approved. Once this is done, you will be able to add as many comments as you want without the need to register.

Anyway, there’s a couple of things you cannot do if you’re not registered, like modify your avatar, and vote on polls (Thanks to Phantom for helping me testing these features). Some other features are planned for registered users (upload files, change color scheme, ability to become a full author…), and you may ask for more, if it’s a good idea, I may add it !

I also opened a new section of the website called “Re-Volt” dedicated to that game from Acclaim where you can race with RCs (I already did in a previous version and was asked to put some creations back online, so I decided to do a little more !). To learn more about it, just take the tour.

Feel free to comment, and thank you for reading !

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