Re-Volt on the road again !

Re-Volt section is now open !

What’s planned :

  • Best custom tracks to download
  • Best custom cars too !
  • A tutorial to make great things
  • Ranking and reviews
  • And of course, anyone should be able to upload its own creation

Because this will be done step by step, what’s up for the opening ?

Here it is : a brand new CTR-like track :

Biohazard Factory

And within a few days there will be a bonus one, delivered with cactus inside, yes sir :

Cactus Volt

And there’s more : Palm Marsh has been updated, it’s now on version 1.1. Yep ! 8-)

Palm Marsh v1.1

Every track available for download will be on the Tracks section !

:arrow: Why another Re-Volt website ?

Firstly because it’s a game I really like.
Secondly, indeed there’s RVZT to find everything you’re looking for (see below), but because ratings are quite free hand on RVZT it can be difficult to find good tracks and cars. Since there are lot, I wanted to create a selection based on several criteria, and rates will be harder.

If an original track can be considered excellent, on a custom track there will inevitably be several flaws… This will make it “good” or “very good”, yet only “almost excellent”.

There will be less creations here, but to be accepted on this site there’s a minimum requirement : some kind of graphics, an almost playable raceline, an AI that can almost follow… But all three at the same time will not make it.

Of course, everyone can find it pretty or not, hard or easy… For everyone to agree, rating standards are defined on this page, so please feel free to comment and share your ideas to improve this !

:arrow: Re-Volt, what’s this ?

If you just came back from Pluto, here’s a little overview.

Re-Volt is an arcade racing game released in 1999.

Since then, with a small community, there were several hundred customs tracks created (over 1800!), and at least as many cars.

And yet, there was no support for these custom creations with the original game.

Some creations are worth seeing, others less … All this keeping in mind the context in which they were created. Difficult indeed to compare a Re-Volt track with an Crysis 3 environment.

In short, low-poly modeling from 1999 and actual next-gen haven’t the same charm.

Yet, the game does not lack of charm. Despite its limitations, it’s still nowadays the only remote controlled cars game with an “arcade” touch that worth its name. Faultless physics, immediate access to gameplay, even so it’s a challenge to beat the best drivers. All we’re asking for a racing game.

In line with games like Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing, there’s the small weapons set that adds spice to the race :  missile, oil slick, anything goes…

Certainly it is a great old game, but still worth it for a few hours of fun !

:arrow: Where can be found custom cars and tracks ? How do I install these ?

Well, first there’s Re-Volt Zone, formerly known as RVZT. This is the big database with everything in it.

There are actually so much things it becomes difficult to find the good stuff, even with rankings that are largely arbitrary.

To install, nothing simpler, after downloading just extract into the main game folder, and voilà !

The good news it that there’s a new version of the game under development wich will bring Re-Volt from its version 1.1 (latest officilal release) to version 1.2 : all screen resolution support, super-accessible multiplayer, many bugs fixed…  For more information, have a look at the official re-volt 1.2 page.

:arrow: A few tips to use the website

You may download any track (and car when they will be added) just by clicking on the download link. No need to register.
To help authors, you may also leave some comments (see also the tips here) and even note there track using the dynamic list on the rating reference page. All you have to do is to add the little code in your comment, and the author will be able to know what you liked and what you didn’t.
And finally, you may also vote on polls to see what’s the overall score of the track. Don’t be afraid to be harsh, because it will result in more efficient rankings. Too much “over rated” votes will only destroy the ranking, and not really help the author.

Last but not least, how to send your track on the website ? For now, I didn’t finished the upload form to do that, so just send it to 8-)
Be aware that a track/car have to accepted though, but you may ask before having your track (or car !) finished.

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