New upload system !

Finally, it’s done ! Time for uploading :-)

If you want to send a track on the website, you may do so by going to the upload page !

You can find a complete tutorial on how to use it here, including a quick tutorial to compress images :wink:

Re-Volt Tut’

So finally, the first tutorial dedicated to track creation for Re-Volt is started ! We’ll see where it will end :-D

Here are two roughs to distinguish examples between Blender and 3ds max !

See you soon for more !


Re-Volt on the road again !

Re-Volt section is now open !

What’s planned :

  • Best custom tracks to download
  • Best custom cars too !
  • A tutorial to make great things
  • Ranking and reviews
  • And of course, anyone should be able to upload its own creation

Because this will be done step by step, what’s up for the opening ? Continue reading…


Rayman vs DOSBox !

With the incoming release of Rayman Origins, there’s nostalgia in the air for anyone who know the original Rayman.

Unfortunately, it is quite a challenge to make old games run on today’s computers.

And then came DOSBox ! Continue reading…