How to leave a comment somewhere ?

To leave a comment, you have to fill the required fields of the comment form at the bottom of the page (marked with an *,if you’re not logged-in). Then you can write your message.

You may use BBCode : [b]text[/b] , but also html is accepted <strong>text</strong>, as well as some smilies.

You can preview your comment using the “Preview” button, and submit it by pressing the “Reply” button. You may also reply to other comments by pressing the corresponding “Reply here” button.

Once you submitted your comment, it should show up in the list.

If you see “Your comment is awaiting moderation” that’s because it’s the first time you’re posting on the website, and your comment have to be approved to ensure it is not spam.

If you see nothing, try to refresh the page and see if it’s not posted in the wrong language. A comment posted in the wrong language is likely to be moved anyway.