3ds Setup for Re-Volt


Once the display is set up, we need to adjust units in the software.

A Re-Volt editor module inside 3ds is 1000 inches square sized, or 2540 cm (Centimeters).
(reminder : 1inch = 2.54cm)

Let’s check if everything’s set up ! To adjust the units go to Customize > Units Setup…

Choose a Custom unit and enter 1.0 Inch. We might also use 2.54 cm or… leave the setting to Generic Units !! Indeed, the default unit inside 3ds max is… 1,0 Inch ! Therefore using the Generic Units is possible !

You might give a name to your unit, something like “RV_Tile”. However any time you want to edit a value you’ll have a “RV_Tile” at the end.
It’s more convenient to use an unnamed unit.

To sum up you may choose the Generic Units or a Custom one using a 1,0 Inch or 2.54 cm value. Every option will lead to the same result. 8-)

Now if you create a 1000 x 1000 x 1000 box, you get a cube that encompasses a lego module (i.e. a Re-Volt editor module) !

Here we are with our scene ready for Re-Volt ! :-D


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