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  1. Phantom

    Hi KiWi! How are you!
    I need to ask you your e-mail address please. It’s for a special request that I’m interested to contact you by e-mail. :-D

    • Hi Phantom !

      You can send personal messages to users (there’s an inbox in your account), you can access it from the home page for now. I sent you my address there.
      I must admit the website isn’t very simple to use yet :oops: but don’t hesitate to give feedback about this ! 8-)

  2. Roy

    Hi Phantom,

    Good to say hello to you. This is Roy from Korea.
    I just want to know when I creat new track using 3D Max, how I can export the track to the game?
    I hear that there is a tool but I can not find.
    If you help with me, will be great thanks.



  3. Hee-jae Kim

    Hi TweaK, Nice to meet you!
    I have a question about exporting. I just exported a track from 3ds Max to Re-Volt world file, but there are no textures but only white color when play that track. Strangely, this happens only when I played in revolt version 1.2.. In revolt 1.0 it works well. Textures come with the track correctly. How can I solve this problem?

    • Hi Hee-jae Kim,

      I need more informations to solve the problem. There’s no obvious reason why the track is correctly displayed in the original game and not in any new version.
      I can do some testing but it could be more efficient if I can have a look at your 3ds file.

      Please can you leave any comment regarding to the 3ds exporter in the appropriate section ? i.e. on this page thank you ! :wink:

  4. RST

    I have been just disconnected from long and by rebound i arrived here. After watching your works on this such an old scene, i got kinda surprised. So, congratulations Kiwi for all your efforts.


    • Well thank you !

  5. Hello, sir! Such an honor, I could visit this website of yours. I knew you from the Revolt Live forum, and I just have seen some of your recent articles here. Actually what I have been looking for! However, I only saw that you are using 3ds Max software, since I am a free user, do u have any plugin for Blender (newer versions) to export model into revolt’s files???

    Thank you

    • Hello !

      Sorry for the late answer. I assume you’re speaking about the ReVolt exporter for 3ds max, sorry I don’t know Blender that much.
      Check this thread about a Blender plugin made by jigebren. I don’t know if he’s still around lately but he did a really great job.

      Hope this helps ! :-)

  6. molene

    Sorry about my English but I’m French and my UK is far to be good… :-(

    Very good jobs thank’s to help us :wink:

    My problem

    - Re-volt game, 3DS Max R2017 and ASE2 tools include in rvtmod8 or your ReVolt export.

    OK, I have some problems with ASE2prm tools, When I create a Box for example, add Material and texture on it, export and insert it with ASE2PRM/makeitgood, there is no collisions, so the car go through the box…

    But, if I import this box in my track (in 3DS MAX) and export all with ASE2w it’s Ok.

    Could you help me please?

    Many thank’s, Molene.

    • It’s hard to tell from your message but here are some thoughts :
      - did you restart the race after having saved the *.fin file ? Instances collision are precomputed at launch time
      - maybe you used the same name for your box and your track file ?
      - check the SGs in 3ds max too

      PS : if you want to reply in french it’s fine ! Here’s the french answer :

      C’est difficile à dire à partir de votre message mais voilà quelques pistes :
      - avez-vous redémarré la course après avoir sauvegardé le fichier *.fin ? Les collisions pour les instances sont précalculées au lancement
      - vous avez peut être utilisé le même nom pour la boîte et le circuit ?
      - vérifiez également les SGs dans 3ds

      vous pouvez répondre en français si vous voulez :wink:

    • molene

      Oup’s, j’ai fait une erreure on dirait…

      Désolé, Molène

    • molene

      Salut Tweak

      Bon laisse tomber ma dernière question, en fait, je croyais avoir fait un copier coller du plancher de la maison, mais non, c’était un cube…
      Du coup je l’ai remplacé par un “plan” et c’est bon.
      Désolé de prendre de ton temps pour mes erreurs. :-(
      Cordialement, Molène

  7. Саша

    Hi, Kiwi. What’s up? I posted the track on this site, but it is only visible when you log in to your account. And all my comments, too. Also, how do I delete comments and change the track description?

    • Hello Саша !
      Sorry I didn’t check the website lately ! Your track was set to a “private” state, not sure what happened. It is now fixed and everyone can access it :)

      I think you should be able to change the track description but not sure how tho, it’s been too long since I didn’t made any update on the website backend ^^’
      Please let me know if you have any issues.

  8. Odie

    Hey there kiwi.

    I appear to be violating the copyright/permissions on AMCO Bitume, as my derivative ( AMCO Driftume) has inadvertently made way into the Circuit Pack.
    Could we iron out this issue someway, so that this contant can remain in the pack?

    • Hello Odie.
      Sorry I’m not aware of this. What is the issue ?
      I can’t access the track from so I dont know what’s the problem, but from the pic and track length it seems to me that it is a completely different track.

  9. George_Cross

    Hi there :-) :-D , I’m new into modding Re-Volt is there a proper Tutorial (a video at least in your YouTube channel) where you can export your first car [.prm] using that exporter :-| ?

    I’d be waiting of your response, tnx :wink: !

  10. George_Cross

    fuck you

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