KAZZ.ED v1.2

KAZZ.ED is now on version 1.2 !

Hi everyone !

KAZZ.ED is back with a lot of fixed bugs among other things !

If you don’t already know about that game made in 48H, have a look to the KAZZ.ED news.

No more waiting, discover the last update and download it here : Download KAZZ.ED v1.2 (Download have been deleted, you’ll have to wait the next release !)

If you didn’t install the last release, you will have to install this : XNA 3.1 Runtime

For further informations :

follow KAZZ.ED blog

KAZZ.ED on the Global Game Jam website

How to play KAZZ.ED ?

XBOX pad controls

Left stick & pad = move bloc (Left / Right)

A = speedup bloc fall

LB & LT = rotate bloc

B = Bomb bonus

X = Jump bonus

Y = Drill bonus

Keyboard controls

Arrow keys = move bloc (Gauche / Droite)

Down arrow key = speedup bloc fall

Space = rotate bloc

T = Bomb bonus

E = Jump bonus

R = Drill bonus


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