48H, Tetris, 8bits : the Global Game Jam !

Game vs life

Hi everyone !

This year for the third time took place the Global Game Jam : a world game jam event where game creators can’t sleep for 48H.

The idea is simple : you have 48H to make a game, based on a keynote (this year’s one : extinction) with a small team you meet during the event. Then the game is sent on the Global Game Jam website.

What does our game look like ?

You will never play Tetris the way you used to…

Welcome in a binary world. There’s a little creature living here, named KAZZ :

He is as intelligent as a lemming, but he can jump. Sadly, his world is consumed by 0 and 1, and you’ll have to help him climb as far as you can before it’s too late.

Discover KAZZ.ED by downloading the masterpiece of 5 tired people on this monday morning !

The little ending note : there are probably a few bugs, so come back here to check out updates !

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  1. Great! thanks for the share!


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