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Oh no ! Tackle, tackle, tackle…

Hi everyone !

While working on the map (see last post), we encountered some issues, so I start to list solutions here in hope it’ll be helpful :-)

Kismet AI

How to tell a bot : “shoot the trigger to open the door” ?

Here’s a simple explanation : a bot hits a trigger -> the kismet send the “shoot a target” order. Sebastien Nova find the way with this basic solution :

Actually I use two Trigger Volumes, this allow to easily define a shooting area around the target, and I linked these on the kismet :


Note that if you place the trigger where the bot CANNOT reach its target, it will aim for it without shooting…

To avoid this, the delay on the kismet deactivate the order after 1 second, so even if the bot can’t shoot, it’ll return to its normal behaviour.

Without the use of the delay, the order to stop shooting is sent to every bot as soon as the target have been shot :


Be careful : if the pivot point of the target is inside a wall, the bot will NOT be able to shoot it, but it will look at the target until the end of the game ! xD

To avoid this, I used an “invisible target” (the “AI SHOOT TARGET”) which allow to adjust that pivot point easily. You could use this trick for a lot of things !

However, ingame actions are given priority over AI actions defined in the kismet.

As an example, if you’re fighting with a bot while the “shoot the trigger button” order is sent, the bot will most likely be thinking about blowing up your head first.

It can be very useful in this case, but to tell every bot to rush to the pickup after the door sequence have been launched, we needed something else… “The doors are too far away”, they said !


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