Starting new project : Hook : save the princess (again)

So here we go, we are a very huge team of 2, and already started working on a game where you will have to… save a princess ! :-D

In a very undefined yet world, you will have to find your love in a desperate quest against the evil undefined yet final boss. Or at least, something like that  :mrgreen:

What’s this all about ?

Your hero, formerly named Robin Hook by an already fan-of-the-game supporter, will have to find his way up. Yes, really UP. Because you’re a master of climbing, and the princess is obviously very high, because the evil enemy is obviously trying to compensate something and he’s hiding in a very high… tower… of a very high… castle… sitting upon a very huge… mountain…
Okay, there may be room for improvement here  :roll: , but the overall idea is to make something quite understandable, so cliché, and with a lot of humor. Because making “just” another game wouldn’t be fun.

Here’s the first sketch of the Hero !

See you on the next update :wink:

2 commentaires pour “Starting new project : Hook : save the princess (again)

  1. EvgenKo423

    Well, will it be an action game or a point-and-click one, just like an old quests?

    • Just stay tuned until the next post !! :-D (we try to update regularly, but it will probably be kinda messy until we have a solid prototype to work on).


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