Colorful Re-Volt car’s aerials !

The first custom aerial pack for original Re-Volt cars is now available !


This pack replaces the colors on original cars aerials. The black and red one has served its time !

EBA Stock cars
EBA Stock cars
Version: 1.0
57.1 KB


Using this pack require that you already installed the Electric Bee’s aerial pack.

Once installed, the original cars aerials will show new colors !
You may also modify the colors to your taste. To learn how, refer to the Electric Bee’s aerial pack page.

NOTE : changing aerials color may bring up the “CHEAT” text when playing online. If you want to use this pack online, every users must have it too.

If not, change back the “parameters” files of the original cars.

Try to save these files before installing the pack !

You’ll find the original files here : original parameters files, just in case :wink: .

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6 commentaires pour “Colorful Re-Volt car’s aerials !

  1. Pretty awesome. If you want me to try and do things in my Linux session, I’ll see if I cannot get Blender up and running, and hopefully pair it with the game’s files Blender looks for \. Otherwise I have another PC running Windows that should allow for some quick touch-ups if i need to.

    Leave suggestions for colours you want KW and I’ll be sure they get in there for you to revamp this pack with better-coordinating stuff one way or another.

    • Well the only car I’m not very happy with is Toyeca actually, since it’s the most widely used car I may fix it if you could add these 2 colors :


      Thank you ! :-D

    • Done; grab the latest version. Also revamped the readme a little tiny bit.

    • Also may as well mention, I only updated the version through the EBA thread on RVL, so grab it through there. Update your links on this site accordingly.

    • Awesome ! :-D

  2. May as well mention here a week late there is a major update on RVL, another poke and prod, and maybe PM me an update or opinions about the new EBA stuff! Thanks!


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