3dsmax – Re-Volt exporter !

To export a Re-Volt mesh, there’s a set of programs named RVTMOD. Lots of useful tools, but there are some missing features !

IT’S OVER !! :-D :mrgreen:

Export is now done from inside 3ds max, transparency is 100% supported, EnvMap (glossiness effect) and animations are on the todo list !!

Thus the new exporter will take care of :

  • textures
  • vertex colors
  • vertex alpha
  • env colors
  • texture animations (it’s planned !)
  • and more !

Here’s one of the early export tests with transparency gradients on an ice bridge ! For now, the exporter can generate *.prm files (in-game instances) with per-object surface properties  :-)

Next to come is a modifier allowing per-poly properties (with quads support !), here’s an overview ! ^^

Collision properties order is about the same as the -morph command switch table (ase2w.exe and ase2prm.exe from RVTMOD), so people used to it should quickly find their marks (properties are also summarized on the right side).

More infos very soon !! :wink:


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