Re-Volt exporter and Envmap : some news !

The 3ds to Re-Volt exporter is almost done ! *prm, *w and *ncp export is already finished ! :-D

And absolutely amazing news : Re-Volt does support envmap gradient !!

What does that mean ? That it is now possible to create gradient using the reflection effect (known as environment mapping), here’s an example :

The image on the left show the object in 3ds with colors, and on the right the result in Re-Volt. There’s only one big polygon in the middle, and a great gradient appears !

Two more views to show the effect :


So here are the features for the new exporter :

  • Support surface definition using Smoothing Groups (-morph equivalent)
  • Color, alpha and envmap super-easy to modify in 3ds
  • Texture support as with ase2rv tools
  • At least one new collision property ! (tests on their way)
  • And of course, texture animations is the next step ! :mrgreen:

See you soon !


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