CTR-Biohazard Factory

Biohazard Factory

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You may have heard about the colonization of Crash Team Racing® unused tracks by Re-Volt cars,
we now have further proof :

The biochemical factory woke up, radioactive pools are filled again, speedwalk are restarted,
the complex is enlightened again…and we’ve seen some cars !

They are running all over that place ! Many objects are on the road, and some cars can’t avoid
obstacles without leaving the track ! Can you do better ?

Special Notes

The track v1.2 is now 100% compatible with Re-Volt up to 1.2 !
If you didn’t get the latest version, “conveyors” surfaces aren’t working properly in RV1.2, this unwanted behavior have been fixed by SebR and added to the download archive !


Biohazard Factory
Biohazard Factory
Version: 1.2
4.8 MB
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2 commentaires pour “CTR-Biohazard Factory

  1. Track have been updated ! It is now fully compatible with both RV1.1 and 1.2, thanks to SebR ! :-D

    Update and enjoy !! :mrgreen:

  2. is very amazing !`~ very good track :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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