Rayman vs DOSBox !

Adjust game speed

Here comes the last hack : adjusting game speed with DOSBox.

As the game is old, your computer is way faster than the ones the game was designed for, so chances are the game will run too fast. Hopefully it is tweakable in DOSBox by changing the “cycles” value (located under [cpu]).

For now the game starts in windowed mode, and it will be very convenient.

Launch the game, setup controls etc… and start a game !!

The game may be super slow or super fast… If this is the case it means that the “cycles” needs to be adjusted (this depends of your computer, so there’s no magical setting this time :-( ).

BUT ! Right in your game, type ctrl+F11 (decrease) or ctrl+F12 (increase), you should see some values appearing in the DOSBox window.

Adjust the values so that the game runs well. If the game is slow, increase. If it is fast, decrease.

When it runs well, remember approximately the last value you changed (there’s “26916 cycles” on the image, I used 26000.)

Note : sometimes you may find a value that seems correct, and occasionally the game runs too fast. This is weird, check the seconds counter to be sure there’s no problem (if the seconds pass too quickly, that’s a fail !). To fix this issue, decrease the cycles value. The key is to find a good balance.

Exit game for now, and open again dosbox.conf :

Change the cycles value with the one you think is best. For me it’s 26000 !

Modify again the line


This time we want the game to launch fullscreen !

Now you can enjoy your old game as before, and it’s just great !

Here we go, hope it’ll help you, don’t hesitate to leave a little comment, it’s always nice :wink:

Note that there are patches to avoid bother with Rayman 1, Rayman GOLD and Rayman designer, check this page : Rayman fanpage

In addition, if you have rendering problems, be aware that you can change the “output” value of DOSBox, you may find some useful information on this page : Outputs values in DOSBox

Hey there ! There’s a bonus page too !  :arrow:

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